🎉Announcing our fundraising round!

Dear Intriguing Friends,

We’ve got an exciting announcement… we’re raising investment so we can build International Intrigue into something even bigger and better! 🥳

The tl;dr

What: We’re raising a ‘friends and family’ investment round (if you’re reading this, you qualify as a friend!)

Why: We are building a new media company focused on the intersection of geopolitics, business and tech. We’ve already started developing a fantastic new web platform for our content, our community, and our future.

Why now: ‘New media’ is here and it is democratising who produces and who consumes high quality information. It’s easier and more powerful than ever to build direct relationships between creators and consumers built on trust. And we think that knowing and trusting who creates what you consume is the antidote to disinformation.

What’s our goal?: To help future leaders understand how the world works, how it’s changing, and what to do about it.

Our ask of you: Our greatest asset is you, our audience. You’re the single biggest reason we’re going all-in on International Intrigue. We believe we can create something incredible, but we need your help.

If you’re interested in our vision and our plans for the future, we’d love to hear from you. Or maybe you know someone you think might be interested in helping us achieve our vision? We’d love to hear from them too!

We hope you’ll join us!

For those still reading…

Our journey

We started International Intrigue last November because we wanted to make geopolitical news and analysis more accessible. Our hypothesis was that if we could combine our experience as diplomats with our love of foreign affairs, we could create a newsletter that helped people better understand the confusing world of geopolitics.

But most importantly, we wanted to write something people actually enjoyed reading.

From our rough-around-the-edges first edition, to our 23rd edition this week, we’ve steadily refined our voice and style. We think we’ve been getting better and better every week, and it’s incredibly gratifying to see how far we’ve come.

We have grown to nearly 1500 subscribers in just ~4 months! And we’ve done that purely through audience word of mouth (and some social media shilling from us 😁).

We think our organic growth is proof that we’re striking a chord; our blend of insightful analysis, professional experience, and sense of playfulness is a welcome antidote to boring and jargon-filled traditional media products.

Our vision

We’ve got plenty of ideas for what’s next. We believe we can grow quickly and develop compelling products that become an essential part of your life.

Shoot for the stars right? But we’re as serious about that goal as we are ambitious.

The world is changing fast. China has arrived, the US isn’t going anywhere, and the rest of the world is figuring out where they fit in.

The leaders of tomorrow will need to navigate an increasingly complex and volatile world. We want to build a company that helps them do that every step of the way.

Why us?

  • We’ve got the unique experience and belief to bring about our vision.
  • We’ve lived the problem of boring, confusing and jargon filled foreign affairs media. We understand how frustrating that is and how it can affect how you work and learn.
  • We’ve got insider knowledge with an outsider’s attitude.
  • We are committed — we’d do this for fun if we didn’t have to work.

If you’d like to learn about our plans in detail, see our pitch deck, introduce us to potential investors, or discuss anything at all, please do get in touch.

We think this is the start of something amazing — with your help we know it can be.

John + Helen

If you’re reading this but aren’t familiar our work, there’s no better time to check out what we’re all about! You can get in touch with via email, Twitter or our with either John or Helen here. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Founder and writer of International Intrigue. Former diplomat, lawyer & trained economist. Writing about interesting things, so could be anything.